Adaptable as custom video art, our Inkblots project captures the mystery and energy of the creative process.

Our studio’s abstract Inkblots project began with the idea to create a custom video art project that explores the process of visual creativity. The dynamic piece uses the basic building blocks of color, line, shape, and temporality to capture the lifecycle of art creation from conception to finished product.

Inkblots begins with swirling lines and irregular, colorful shapes emerging from a neutral surface with the visual qualities of blank paper or canvas. As the video proceeds, further lines and shapes emerge, interconnecting and interacting in playful, energetic ways as they zigzag across the digital display surface. The piece culminates with a pull-back to reveal the format in its entirety, which includes a symphony of swirling lines, rich colors, and intriguing shapes. This culmination replicates the look and feel of a finished large-format painting hanging in a gallery or museum.

As a piece of custom video art, Inkblots doubles as a visual reference to the established tradition of abstract expressionism. Its final form is broadly reminiscent of works by artists like Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), but rendered in a simpler, less complex form.

Our California-based studio’s full custom video art capabilities are at your disposal. Order your own version of Inkblots or create a unique work to your own specifications.

Inkblots can be displayed on screens of any size, and its low-key versatility makes it an excellent fit for all types of environments. Our technical and creative professionals can also adapt it as a piece of custom video art, changing the color schemes, line and shape forms, and any of the other major visual elements to suit your tastes or match your background decor.

We also employ a team of insightful and experienced custom video art consultants, who provide creative leadership to clients seeking to create purpose-made projects of their own conception. Whether your ideas are nascent or well-developed, our in-house team members have the knowledge, skills, and technical aplomb to bring them to full and complete realization.

To order a copy of Inkblots, or to engage our custom video art consultants on a project of your own choosing, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023