Inspired by nature, our Forest piece showcases our studio’s innovative and technically proficient digital art creation capabilities.

With the fast-paced, urbanized nature of modern lifestyles, many people feel increasingly disconnected from nature. One way clients compensate is by ordering nature-themed custom digital artwork that replicates the transcendental and tranquil experience that comes from communing with the great outdoors. Our studio’s highly successful Forest piece offers an excellent example of our digital art creation capabilities in this regard.

Forest resulted from a deliberate and conceptual effort to create a soothing work of digital art that reflects nature’s powerful and beneficial effects on our psychological and emotional health. The piece uses a hazy mountain scene as its core visual element, adding drifting mist, fluttering birds, and swaying trees. It replicates the emotive experience a viewer would enjoy by taking a seat on the mountainside, willing away the cares of the world, and letting nature simply wash over them.

Our digital art creation professionals are at your disposal. Order your own copy of Forest, or create a custom piece to call your own.

The WRAPPED Studios team of digital art creation professionals can customize Forest in multiple ways. Our creative and technical personnel can adjust the colors to match your existing interior design strategy or personal preferences. The speed of the unfolding scene can also be increased or slowed down, and our artists can also replace the misty mountain background with another natural setting of your choosing.

Forest can be formatted to fit any screen, large or small. It makes an excellent addition to any interior, but this unique digital art creation has particularly exciting possibilities in hospitality, corporate, and multifamily residential settings. 

Our expert art consultants are also at your disposal if you would like to explore the endless myriad of possibilities presented by digital media formats. If Forest has inspired your own artwork ideas, we would love to bring them to life on your behalf.

To learn more about our custom digital art creation process, or to order a copy of Forest, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023