Our Fireworks piece showcases the limitless possibilities of custom video art.

Many of our clients approach us seeking custom video art capable of playing on a loop. Art video loops have a long-established history, as artists began experimenting with looping formats from the earliest beginnings of video technology.

As noted by contemporary art history and critical theory expert Jaimey Hamiltion, repeating loops connect with several distinct aspects of the human psyche on a deep, subconscious level. They often use culturally relevant or intuitively understood symbols to create an unspoken meaning that penetrates and speaks to the hidden reaches of the mind.

Hamilton also notes that well-executed video art loops can force meaningful interrogations of underlying assumptions about the emotional and psychological points of contact between modern media and the human experience.

Our recently completed Fireworks digital artwork uses a playful, color-rich, and mesmerizing series of abstractions that embrace these ideas and harness them to impressive effect. The WRAPPED Studios team can create customized versions of this piece for your home, office, or special event. We can also create a bespoke work of custom video art featuring any other subject of your choosing.

To learn more, please contact us and we will arrange a personalized session with one of our expert in-house art consultants.

June 25, 2023