Our studio’s abstract digital art piece Dots showcases the ready adaptability of nonrepresentational video projects. 

The WRAPPED Studios production team recently created an abstract digital art project titled Dots. It evolved from an existing painting created by our in-house artists, which features a particularly successful example of minimalism

Reimagined as a video piece, Dots includes multiple layers of the original minimalist paintings, which interact with each other to yield a straightforward yet engaging and ever-evolving final product. The visual elements of this abstract digital artwork connect and reconnect in endless ways, using strategic pacing to create a measured viewing experience.

The temporal characteristics and deceptive simplicity of Dots make it an intriguing addition to any abstract digital art collection. This piece also renders equally well on screens of all sizes, broadening its appeal to all sorts of commercial, hospitality, institutional, and residential settings.

If you would like to order your own copy of Dots, we would be happy to produce one for you. Our technical and creative personnel can also customize the piece’s visual elements and pacing to match your preferences if you would like to alter any of its aesthetic characteristics.

Our in-house consultants are also fully available to discuss any custom abstract digital art projects you may wish to develop. To learn more, arrange a session, or place an order, please contact a member of the WRAPPED Studios client services team.

WRAPPED Studios creates custom digital art projects for both aesthetic and commercial applications.

WRAPPED Studios is a forward-facing artistic collective based in the culturally distinctive and inspiring Los Angeles suburb of Venice. Our studio includes one of the industry’s most complete and accomplished teams of consultants and production professionals. We offer full-service capabilities in a comprehensive range of artistic media, including digital art projects of virtually any size and scope.

Clients come to us to help them conceive, refine, and execute digital artwork for purely aesthetic as well as commercial, branding, and promotional purposes. Beyond its cultural function as an emerging mode of creative expression, digital and video art can also act as a powerful marketing tool. Companies frequently use it as a subtle but effective way to communicate their commitments to important values like innovation and progress.

We develop and produce all digital art projects in-house, through a dedicated company division focused solely on creative applications of new technologies.  Clients play an active role in shaping the direction of every project, thanks to a signature consulting and development process designed to capture and express the fully realized essence of your unique visions and ideas.

June 26, 2023