Our studio’s recently completed Bands project offers an excellent example of the versatility and evocative quality of abstract interior design artwork.

Bands is an excellent example of our California-based studio’s original abstract interior design artwork. The project uses hand-painted patterns as its principal design element, incorporating them into a digital display format. Overlaying the original paintings on an undulating background, our team created an evocative and mesmerizing finished piece that makes a perfect complement to many types of indoor environments.

This speaks to both the versatility and function of interior design artwork. Its mood-enhancing benefits extend to all kinds of environments, from private and multifamily residences to corporate lobbies, executive offices, and upscale retailers. Educational, healthcare, and financial institutions also make extensive use of abstract art’s subtle yet powerful emotive qualities.

Order a copy of Bands for your residential, commercial, or institutional setting, or leverage our expertise to create custom interior design artwork of your own choosing.

Because Bands draws exclusively on art’s most elementary building blocks — colors, lines, and shapes — the piece translates extremely well to virtually any setting. If you would like to order your own copy of this uniquely captivating interior design artwork, our team would be happy to create an exact replica. You can also customize Bands in any way you like by altering its fundamental elements to match your palette, personal tastes, or existing artwork collection.

Above all, Bands offers an exciting glimpse into the myriad of possibilities offered by our interior design artwork studio. With the guidance and assistance of our expert in-house consultants, clients of WRAPPED Studios can also participate in the conception and development of custom artworks in any format. If Bands has provided a spark of inspiration for another idea, we would be happy to bring it to life for you.

Because we maintain an in-house consulting, development, and production model, we do not rely on contractors or outsourced talent. This keeps our overhead costs low, allowing us to create inspired interior design artwork for surprisingly affordable prices. If you would like to order a replica or customized version of Bands, or if you would like to develop a custom work to call your own, our team is standing by to assist you.

June 26, 2023