Our in-house creative and technical team recently reimagined one of our most successful painting series as a 3D digital art project.

Our studio’s Arcs 3D digital art project began its life as a series of traditional paintings, which rendered abstract arcing shapes in a charcoal-like tone against a neutral background. These paintings ultimately proved to be one of the most successful projects our studio had produced to date, prompting our creative and technical team to adapt them to a digitized temporal format.

Thus, Arcs was reborn as a unique example of 3D digital art. The new media iteration of the work draws on the definitive visual elements of the painting series, but reconfigures them to take advantage of the unique temporal characteristics of video art. Arcs features alterations to the original project’s iconic shapes, adding interactive display elements and visual textures that give it an enhanced sense of depth.

The 3D digital art version of Arcs can play on a continuous loop without ever betraying the endlessly fascinating visual mysteries that define it. It makes an excellent supplement to interior design strategies for spaces seeking a stronger alignment with contemporary styles.

Arcs is an impactful 3D digital art project compatible with a multitude of display formats and screen applications.

While Arcs has a particularly strong impact when displayed on large-format screens, this 3D digital art project is equally successful when rendered on smaller and more intimate display surfaces. This affords clients the flexibility to deploy it as a focal centerpiece or as a subtle, secondary addition to a larger collection of artwork.

As with all our projects available for retail sale, our creative and technical staff members are fully capable of customizing Arcs to add elements of the client’s choice. You can alter the tones and color patterns, visual textures, pace, or any of the other definitive aspects of the work to match your own needs or tastes.

If you would like to order your own copy of Arcs, or if you would like to commission an original work of 3D digital art, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023