WRAPPED Studios creates custom multimedia art installations for corporate, residential, and institutional clients. See our work in action at Promenade in Orange County, California.

The Promenade is a luxury apartment community located in the Orange County, California municipality of Irvine. This upmarket development offers an elevated collection of high-end amenities designed to appeal to successful professionals. Its management group, the Irvine Company, sought to procure a custom multimedia art collection to augment the property’s interiors and engage its current and prospective tenants.

WRAPPED Studios participated in this project in partnership with Hibner Design Group, an acclaimed San Clemente-based boutique interior design firm. The commission took on a large scale, as the client sought to augment multiple spaces in the full-service property including its amenity areas, corridors, and onsite market and dining facilities.

The collection of custom multimedia art we ultimately delivered consists of 64 canvas paintings, two large-format wallcoverings, and a digital video art installation. The video piece serves as a particularly impactful focal centerpiece, functioning like a simulated living wall to elevate the innovative character of the Promenade complex.

Custom multimedia art is an effective way to differentiate and brand your residential or commercial space.

High-density residential property developers, corporate clients, and commercial patrons can all benefit from custom multimedia art. It can function like a marketing tool, branding interiors and curating a strong sense of refined elegance. For residences like the Promenade, this can have multiple positive effects:

  •  It makes a strong impression on prospective tenants and unit owners when they visit the property
  • Existing tenants tend to feel a stronger connection to the property, making it more likely that they will stay for the long term
  • The entire community benefits from a strengthened sense of elegance and luxury

 Corporate and commercial clients can realize a similar set of benefits:

  •  Custom multimedia art displays your company’s commitment to innovation and forward thinking
  • Art is ideal for expressing the company’s value and mission
  • Mission-driven companies guided by strong values tend to have an easier time attracting and retaining top employment talent

As our work at Promenade shows, our studio is capable of handling large-scale commissions in addition to smaller projects. To learn more about our custom multimedia art creation capabilities, or to arrange a session with one of our expert advisors, please contact our studio.

June 25, 2023