WRAPPED Studios offers a full suite of custom modern art consultation and production services to residential clients. Our recent work at Next on Lex in Glendale is a shining example.

WRAPPED Studios is a forward-facing art collective based in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice Beach. Our team includes a full-time, permanent staff of consultants, artists, production professionals, and technicians who specialize in creating bespoke custom modern art. WRAPPED Studios projects occupy interior and exterior spaces the world over, including some of the globe’s most exclusive properties.

Fifield Company recently retained our studio to create a custom modern art collection for Next on Lex, an upscale apartment complex in the L.A. County municipality of Glendale. The community occupies the final parcel of land that was developed as part of the Glendale Downtown Specific Plan, and Fifield wanted to do something special to elevate the quality and character of its interiors.

As part of this ambitious project, Fifield commissioned a complete collection of custom modern art, which our consultants shaped after reviewing details of the property. Following their assessment, the WRAPPED Studios consulting team proposed to execute a large volume of individual artworks across multiple media and substrates, each carefully selected for display in a specific area of the complex.

In the end, we delivered:

June 25, 2023