The Vivere in Anaheim: A case study in how WRAPPED’s art advisors can help transform properties into success stories

Originally developed by Mack Urban, the Vivere was conceived as a next-generation boutique condominium residence at a prime location in Anaheim’s master-planned Platinum Triangle. However, due to unforeseen market forces, unit sales were suspended. By 2010, the brand-new, beautiful modern building was sitting vacant. Two years later, an investment partnership acquired the Vivere. This set the stage for WRAPPED’s art advisors to play a leading role in the upgrading and rebranding of the property.

The Vivere’s new managers converted the vacant condominium complex into a stylish multi-family apartment residence. As part of the redevelopment project, the property’s new management team engaged WRAPPED’s art advisors to conceive and supervise the in-house creation of custom artwork for the Vivere’s common areas. The objective of the project was to brighten up the space and create a cohesive, branded living experience for the building’s residents.

The Vivere in Anaheim: A prime example of how WRAPPED’s art advisors add value and appeal to residential buildings

WRAPPED went on to produce more than 90 pieces of beautiful custom artwork for the Vivere, which are now on display in the property’s corridors, amenity areas, and leasing offices. In keeping with the project’s objectives, WRAPPED’s art advisors ensured all pieces were carefully conceived and meticulously executed to add a luminous and consistent sense of visual appeal to the Vivere’s shared spaces.

The prevailing aesthetic was stylistically diverse, with a strong emphasis on vibrant, eye-catching color. WRAPPED’s artists drew on a wide range of artistic influences to create a unified yet varied collection for the Vivere, including expressionist, free-form, and geometric pieces. The resultant collection was a perfect complement to the property’s open, spacious, and modern interiors, and helped its new management team attract a robust base of new residents.

The Vivere is now home to a thriving community of long-term apartment dwellers with refined tastes, who have the very best of Orange County at their doorstep.

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June 26, 2023