Our Etoile project offers an excellent case study on the positive impacts of custom lobby art.

For this project, we contributed a series of artworks to the lobby of Etoile. The existing space was handsomely appointed with tasteful finishes and a unified color palette, but its roomy open-format layout also created a sense of vacancy. Working with the client, we developed a proposal for a connected series of custom lobby art pieces to fill its visual voids.

The final installation consists of three artworks using various media. First, we created an abstract canvas for display at the reception desk. Its dark palette creates a strong counterpoint to the off-white wall behind it, with its attention-grabbing appeal offset by a set of starry golden accents suspended from the ceiling.

Next, we created a high-contrast multi-paneled canvas for display near the lobby’s elevator court. This piece of custom lobby art imbues the otherwise-empty walls with a welcome injection of color, brightening the mood for returning tenants and building visitors.

The third piece invokes the quiet, eternal mysteries of deep space in a nod to the building’s name, which translates from French into English as “star.” Curved bands of light intersect and interplay over a midnight-blue field, evoking an intriguing yet calming hush that further advances the project’s overall aesthetic strategy.

We provide comprehensive start-to-finish support on all custom lobby art projects. 

Our work at Etoile showcases our Southern California studio’s peerless ability to create custom lobby art that elevates the impact of existing interior design strategies. We are pleased to offer this same suite of complete start-to-finish services to residential and corporate clients located anywhere in the world.

The WRAPPED Studios process begins with a series of client consultations, during which our professionals develop creative ideations based on your objectives and the unique qualities of your space. Upon receiving the client’s approval, project proposals then enter the production stage. We can then physically install the finished artwork at its destination or securely ship it to you, depending on your location and preferences.

Learn more or arrange your consultation by contacting a member of the WRAPPED Studios client services team.

June 25, 2023