Modern lobby art plays a vital role in branding properties to prospective tenants and buyers. Experience its transformative impact by exploring our work at Elevate, a Colrich property.

Colrich is a family-owned property development firm headquartered in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. The company includes Elevate, a stylish San Diego townhouse community, among the most recent additions to its impressive portfolio. Colrich sought to complement Elevate’s trendy interiors with modern lobby art, and commissioned our studio to develop and create a collection of custom works.

Working closely with the client, our expert team of in-house art consultants conceived a theme based on local nature. Southern California is home to one of the world’s most unique flora and fauna ecosystems, and Colrich approved a series of artworks that pay homage to their one-of-a-kind character.

This modern lobby art project quickly grew in scope, expanding to include 61 individual works spread across six buildings in the Elevate townhouse complex family. These impressive works now form the foundations of the property’s branding strategy, which is designed to appeal to discerning tenants and buyers seeking a calm, upscale oasis from the fast pace of urban life.   

Residential and corporate clients use modern lobby art to craft curated experiences that improve property profitability. 

Modern lobby art is a common feature of contemporary high-density residential developments, but it also has similar applications in corporate and enterprise spaces. In both cases, building owners and property managers use it to build a mediated experience for tenants and visitors. Clients commonly use it to enhance a property’s tone and mood, elevating it from generic to creative and differentiated.

This strategy can pay dividends: modern lobby art has a subtle but profound psychological impact that boosts the appeal of the space in which it lives. For property owners and managers, this contributes to an increased sense of exclusivity, which is usually desirable. It often leads in turn to higher occupancy rates, lower turnover rates, and greater levels of tenant satisfaction.

Our expert team of in-house consultants has extensive experience developing successful modern lobby art projects for both residential and corporate clients. To learn more, or to arrange your initial consultation, please contact our Southern California studio.

June 25, 2023