Our corporate lobby art is proudly on display at this prestigious address in Newport Beach, California’s business community.

Newport Beach’s Pacific Financial Plaza is an exclusive commercial property with more than 270,000 square feet of commercial space. The complex is home to an enviable roster of prestige clients, and it holds elite status as a highly desirable base for business operations across a wide range of industries. The 888 Newport Center Drive module is one of two buildings in the Pacific Financial Plaza community for which WRAPPED Studios has created custom corporate lobby art.

Working in close consultation with representatives of the building’s management group at the Irvine Company, our team created a stunning piece of corporate lobby art for the space. The finished product is a beautiful, vibrant, and colorful large-format canvas, created using ultrachrome inkjet printing technology. Accentuated with a custom metallic frame, the piece adds a welcome creative presence to the 888 Newport Center Drive lobby.

The stunning piece both complements and contrasts with the existing design elements in the lobby. Its range of colors expands on the lobby’s established palette, while simultaneously marking a bold departure from the restrained and subdued tone of the space. The striking end result adds a bright and vibrant yet tasteful splash of creative flair that’s totally appropriate for the corporate environment.

Trust our team to deliver gallery-quality corporate lobby art for prices you’ll find pleasantly surprising.

The custom art on display in the corporate lobby at 888 Newport Center Drive is an excellent example of how our team works to conceive, design, and stunning gallery-quality pieces that enhance the appeal and creative value of office spaces. Because no two corporate buildings are the same, no two WRAPPED Studios projects are the same. Instead, our consultants work with you to understand the unique qualities that differentiate your space, then work with our in-house artistic team to design a collection that’s tailor-made to enhance it.

Our unique business model also allows us to deliver incredible corporate lobby art for below-market prices, since we do everything in-house and don’t deal with any middlemen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find just how affordable it is to retain the WRAPPED Studios team to beautify your corporate space.

To learn more, or to arrange a detailed consultation with one of our corporate lobby art experts, please contact a member of our client services team today.

June 26, 2023