Our corporate art consultants strike just the right note when adding color and creativity to office spaces.

Pacific Financial Plaza is one of Newport Beach’s most prominent and recognizable commercial real estate complexes. Extending across a series of properties at 800, 840, 860 and 880 Newport Center Drive, Pacific Financial Plaza is anchored by a pair of seven-story office buildings that provide a combined total of 270,000 square feet of office space. Attracting and retaining high-quality tenants is a top priority for the property’s management group, the Irvine Company.

Marketed as a premium commercial and corporate community, Pacific Financial Plaza is home to numerous high-profile tenants. The corporate art consultants at WRAPPED Studios were recently invited to contribute work to the 800 Newport Center Drive module of the complex, and our highly talented team put together large canvases that dramatically heightened the impact of the building’s interior spaces.

The centerpiece of the project was a beautiful, large-format abstract piece that introduced a bold splash of color to the building’s corporate motor court transition lobby area. Abstract art for corporate spaces works best when it draws attention, and in this case, we achieved that objective by creating a strong contrast between the canvas and the understated, monotone spaces that surround it. This heightens the impact of the piece, creating a dynamic sense of bursting color that symbolizes irrepressible creativity.

These kinds of bright, vibrant, ethereal pieces make bold statements that are essential to successful commercial property marketing and branding. Abstract art for a corporate lobby creates a subtle alignment between the character of the building’s space and the values and goals of the businesses that occupy it. By sending this kind of subconscious message, commercial property managers can attract a more desirable tenant base, increase occupancy rates, and enhance profitability.

Arrange a session with our corporate art consultants and enjoy all the benefits custom office art can deliver.

The expert corporate art consultants at WRAPPED Studios are here to help you enjoy all the benefits of vibrant yet tasteful fine art for commercial spaces and office settings. Our work is appropriate for corporate environments, and it breathes life into the atmosphere and surroundings without being overpowering, dominant, or overly showy.

Best of all, we deliver stunning, gallery-quality custom office art for below-market prices, thanks to a unique business model that eliminates all middlemen and markups. Connect with our corporate art consultants today to arrange your information session by contacting a member of our client services department.

June 25, 2023