We recently completed a custom office art commission for 625 West Adams, an iconic destination in Chicago’s West Loop. 

Designed by the internationally renowned architect Martin Wolf of SCB & Associates, 625 West Adams is an iconic fixture in Chicago’s dynamic West Loop neighborhood. Defined by its crystalline sculpted glass facade, this LEED-certified high-rise office tower has been hailed as an innovative example of next-generation urban design. WRAPPED Studios is a proud contributor of custom office art to this popular and in-demand commercial destination. 

 White Oak Realty, the building’s developer, commissioned our studio to create a bespoke collection of custom office art for multiple areas in the 625 West Adams complex. Specifically, the client sought to augment the creative appeal of the property’s tenant lounges, common spaces, and leasing office.  

 After considering the unique and defining features of these spaces, our consultants and artists conceived of an artwork collection defined by soothing colors including earth tones and calm, misty shades of blue. The goal was to subtly enliven the building’s long corridors with rich hues executed across a series of analogous canvases with differentiated forms. 

 The final works add an understated yet impactful beauty to the interiors in which they live. They function as a perfect reflection of the building’s upscale character. 

Custom office art can generate favorable returns on investment thanks to its multiple positive impacts.  

The custom office art collection we created for 625 West Adams speaks to the strong potential impact of artwork in corporate settings. Its presence is capable of defining the space, imbuing it with creativity and a refined sense of cultured elegance.  

 These values tend to have strong appeal for corporate clients seeking to lease office space, as it can function as an implicit extension of their own branding and an expression of their internal values. It helps management companies reduce vacancy rates and secure desirable long-term tenants, thus potentially generating positive long-term returns on investment. 

 WRAPPED Studios creates custom office art for a global client base. To learn more about the process or to arrange a consultation with one of our in-house experts, please contact us.

June 26, 2023