WRAPPED Studios’ Chicago art consultants developed an original artwork collection for the Windy City’s new mixed-use tower at 465 North Park Drive.

Chicago is a city famous for its world-class architecture. It is also considered the “birthplace of the skyscraper,” as the first building officially recognized as a high-rise became part of the Windy City skyline in 1885. Given this status and history, the city’s property developers must go to extra effort to differentiate their projects. This is where our studio’s Chicago art consultants enter the picture.

Our Chicago art consultants were recently invited to develop a custom art collection for 465 North Park, a luxurious mixed-use development now open in the city’s iconic Streeterville neighborhood. Specifically, our team was asked to create artwork to advance a branded and carefully curated lifestyle experience for the building’s leasing offices and amenity spaces.

We responded by proposing an elegant series of abstract canvases for display in the targeted areas. The pieces provide an understated but impactful complement to the extant interior design strategy, finishes, and aesthetic details. It heightens the appeal of the property’s sophisticated sense of urban luxury without ever feeling overwhelming or heavy-handed.

We invite corporate, institutional, retail, and residential clients to contact our Chicago art consultants to commission custom artwork collections.

In Chicago, property developers and marketers need a cohesive vision and unique differentiating factors to position their projects in a hypercompetitive market. Our Chicago art consultants offer a cost-controlled and efficient route to achieving these objectives with the power of commissioned custom artwork.

Art elevates the tone and tenor of interior spaces, boosting their creative and aesthetic impact while adding elegance and exclusivity. Because of this, luxury multi-tenant residences favor artwork as a means of creating branded spaces with purpose-built appeal to a targeted demographic of upscale tenants and homeowners.

Yet, at the same time, searching secondary art markets for the right pieces is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Our Chicago art consultants solve this problem by guiding clients to custom solutions built around made-to-order artwork that matches exact stylistic preferences and specifications.

To schedule your session with our Chicago art consultants, or to learn more about our studio, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023