WRAPPED Studios proudly contributed a custom law office art collection to the prestigious State Bar of California

Custom law office art helps providers of legal services curate sophisticated spaces with the kind of refined and elevated character favored by many professionals. The branding benefits of law office artwork also extend to institutions like the State Bar of California, which recently commissioned a bespoke collection from our studio.

Specifically, the State Bar of California was looking for artwork capable of complementing the existing collection of classic Herman Miller furniture already on display on site. We assigned an advisor with specific experience in conceiving designs and aesthetic approaches for office-based professionals to the commission. After conducting a detailed consultation with the client, our team proposed a collection defined by a carefully balanced combination of rich color and subdued impact.

In developing this assemblage of custom law office art, WRAPPED Studios specifically sought to preserve the solemnity and esteem of this crucially important legal institution. Our in-house artists completed the commission by delivering a series of five large-format acrylic-on-canvas paintings.

The collection defined a high-profile hallway area leading to the State Bar of California’s main courtroom, complementing the work’s aesthetic appeal with wayfinding undertones. Our team also created a supplementary set of smaller-format canvas paintings, which are now on display at various points throughout the facility.    

Our studio creates custom law office art for firms and institutions located anywhere in the world.

WRAPPED Studios delivers exceptional value to professional and institutional clients through a unique process based around the near-exclusive use of in-house assets. Many providers of bespoke artwork outsource multiple aspects of the project development and production process to third-party providers, contractors, and freelancers. In our experience, this leads to avoidable budget bloat—often without improving the results. 

Instead, our art collective favors a system built around the world-class talents of full-time, permanent team members. These include expert advisors, incredible artists, and accomplished technicians. The combined capabilities of our team members translates to both classical and new media artforms, including a robust lineup of digital formats.

As a result, our studio is able to provide museum-quality work for controlled, predictable, and affordable prices. To learn more, or to arrange your initial custom law office art consultation, please contact us.

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June 26, 2023