Our studio contributed custom aluminum artwork to Centerpointe, a premium high-density residence in Irvine, California.

Centerpointe at Irvine Spectrum is an exclusive residential community in the Southern California municipality of Irvine. It is owned and operated by the Irvine Company. Our studio has contributed original collections to multiple Irvine Company developments. Thus, we were pleased to collaborate with them again in developing custom aluminum artwork for Centerpointe.

For this project, the client wanted a focal centerpiece to enliven a transitional space bridging the building’s exterior motor court and its main foyer. Given these specifications, we suggested an aluminum format as a practical solution. Aluminum is far more durable than canvas, and weathers exposure much more readily.

The final custom aluminum artwork we created features 12 square panels arranged in two rows. Each panel features a variation on a base abstract design using a color scheme built on soothing orange and off-white tones. The full-size painting succeeds in its objective of attracting the attention of passersby while maintaining premium levels of strength and environmental resilience.    

We develop custom aluminum artwork concepts and create gallery-quality finished products for a global base of clients.

Our work at Centerpointe details the unique approach we bring to every project. It begins with detailed consultations, during which we match our clients with a dedicated in-house art development expert. In every case, we pair clients with consultants with deep and relevant industry-specific experience and insights.

Custom aluminum artwork ranks among our studio’s specialities. We also create bespoke original works in multiple other formats, ranging from traditional canvas to cutting-edge digital technologies.

All consultations are conducted to generate actionable insights into the client’s goals and needs. From there, our consultants work with our talented team of artists to develop multiple project proposals. We then present these to the client for approval, then commence production of the concept that most strongly appeals to the client.

Our complete suite of services is fully available to a global base of buyers and patrons. To learn more about our custom aluminum artwork, or to arrange your initial consultation, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023